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CPAS-5030, is a fully compliant IRIG106 Chapter 10 PCM Ground Recorder / Reproducer System (GRS). The CPAS-5030 provides PCM recording and reproduction performance at affordable costs. 


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(CPAS-5030 is developed and manufactured by Telspan Data. We are their official International reseller.)

PCM Inputs/Outputs

  • 20Mbps Per Channel, Fully Independent 
  • TTL (BNC), Optional RS-422 (Triax) 
  • 75 Termination, Others Available 
  • De-Randomize, Invert Data/Clock 
  • Internal (Output to Input) Loopback

IRIG Time Inputs/Outputs

  • IRIG-A/B/G Per Input (AM or DC) 
  • IRIG-A/B/G Time Code Generator 
  • TCG Seed – External IRIG or Internal GPS 
  • Internal (Output to Input) Loopback 

GPS Receiver

  • NMEA 0183 & 1PPS (30nS) Outputs

Optional Bit Sync

  • (2) or (4) Channels @ 20Mbps Each 
  • De-Randomizer 9/11/15/17/23 Bit 
  • NRZ-L/M/S, BIO-L/M/S, DM-M/S

Chapter 10 Record/Reproduce/Publish

  • High Stability RTC 
  • ± 1µ Second Time Tagging/Alignment 
  • Throughput, Packed, Unpacked PCM 
  • 16 or 32 Bit PCM Alignments 
  • Selectable Sync Strategy 
  • Fully Independent Record & Reproduce 
  • IRIG-A/B/G or GPS UTC Time Packets 
  • Full Chapter 6 Dot Command Support 
  • Remote Command/Control


CPAS-5030, is a fully compliant IRIG106 Chapter 10 PCM Telemetry Data System (TDS). As part of our Chapter 10 Products, Applications and Solutions (CPAS) family the CPAS-5030 provides realtimetelemetry data processing, display, recording, reproduction and distribution.

The CPAS-5030 receives real-time PCM inputs and NetView software provides the processing,display, record and reproduction functions. Network data streaming transport IAW IRIG 106 Chapter10 is also provided which NetView clients can process and display the data.

  • 2 or 4 PCM Input Channels, Fully Independent, 20Mbps each
  • 2 or 4 PCM Output Channels, Fully Independent, 20Mbps each
  • NetView Telemetry Data Processing Software
  • Internal GPS Receiver & IRIG-A/B/G Time Code Generator
  • 1-6 Removable Drives (Disk or Solid State)
  • IEEE-1394B Firewire IRIG 106 Chapter 10 RMM Interfaces
  • Optional AIT or LTO SCSI Tape Drive
  • Optional Bit Synchronizers, 20Mbps Per Channel